Flashlight Fighting

How to Make Your Pocket Flashlight a Take-Anywhere Self-Defense Weapon

by Phil Elmore


86 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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A simple 6-inch flashlight is an extremely potent self-defense weapon if wielded properly and is among the few useful items one may carry that has yet to be legislated into liability. Guns are strictly controlled in some areas; knives are subject to as many if not more laws, some of them so vague that they defy interpretation. Collapsible batons, billy clubs, mace and pepper sprays are often illegal, but few, if any, regulations concern the possession of the common pocket torch. About now you're probably thinking that you're in deep trouble if the only weapon you've got is a battery-powered flashlight, but anyone who knows how to use a palm stick knows just how effective even a short length of rigid material can be. Thrust into the body's soft targets, joints and other vital areas, it can debilitate and even kill an attacker.
Phil Elmore is a martial artist and professional writer living and working in central New York. The publisher of The Martialist: The Magazine for Those Who Fight Unfairly, Phil has become widely known in the self-defense and martial arts communities. Frequently controversial and always opinionated, he has contributed articles to a variety of online and print publications. These include Paladin Press' popular collection, Warriors: On Living with Courage, Discipline, and Honor. Phil can be reached through his Web sites, and
1) Why the Flashlight?
2) Considering Lights
3) Walk with Confidence
4) Awareness and Body Mechanics
5) Attack, Attack, Attack
6) Lights, the Future, and You
7) Appendix A: Cord-Wrapping a Flashlight
8) Appendix B: Larger Lights