Financial Freedom Now - PDF eBook

How to Work Less and Live More

by Max Edison


PDF eBook
104 pages

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At this very moment, your bank, your insurance company, your credit card company and other financial vampires are slowly, secretly driving you into debt with hidden fees, seemingly inconsequential charges and blood-sucking interest rates. This nickel-and-dime approach to siphoning money out of your pocket is the number one reason why you struggle to make ends meet month to month. Max Edison exposes the tricks of these economic parasites and shows you how to beat them at their own game. Learn how to maximize your savings when dealing with banks, utilities and even the IRS; get essential products and services like insurance for as little dough as possible; start making interest work for you rather than against you; recognize and avoid scam products that appear to be legitimate but are really rotten deals; and more.
1) Fiscal Parasites
2) Thou Shalt Consume
3) Getting Started
4) Easy Credit
5) Bank Robbery
6) The House Never Loses
7) The Tax Man Cometh
8) You Bet Your Life
9) Your Utility Bills
10) Let's Get to Work
11) Now What?

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