Fighting Power - PDF eBook

How To Develop Explosive Punches, Kicks, Blocks, And Grappling

by Loren W. Christensen


248 pages

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Find out how to combine the latest techniques with centuries-old secrets, resistance exercises and proper body mechanics to make your punches, kicks, blocks and throws more powerful, as well as to defend yourself against explosive power. Double your fighting power by following this proven training regimen.
Loren Christensen began his law enforcement career in 1967 when he served in the army as a military policeman in the United States and in Vietnam. He joined the Portland, Oregon, Police Bureau in 1972 and retired in 1997. During those years, he specialized in street gangs, defensive tactics, dignitary protection, and patrolling the bizarre streets of skid row. He now writes full time and teaches martial arts. Learn more by visiting his website.
1) Ki Power
2) Styles
3) Ancient Exercises
4) Weight-Resistance Exercises
5) Plyometric
6) Isometrics
7) Dynamic Tension
8) Developing a Powerful Neck
9) Push-Ups
10) Hips and Abdominals
11) Powerful Kicks
12) Power Punching and Striking
13) Bag Work
14) Power Through Timing
15) Defending Against Power
16) Why Are My Punches and Kicks Still Wimpy?
17) Bits of Wisdom

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