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The footwork of kuntao and silat is designed to break an adversary's ability to continue attacking. It breaks the enemy's inertia, balance, bones, and will to continue the fight, rendering him without a base from which to operate, in the most definite and brutal of fashions.

The Fighting Footwork of Kuntao and Silat Workbook, a PDF eBook, was designed primarily as a companion for Bob Orlando's Fighting Footwork of Kuntao and Silat video series. The text and illustrations contained in the workbook assume you have the video or are at least familiar with the information in the video. This digital workbook is more portable than the four-volume video set, and it covers details not addressed in the video—like how to protect your knees when having to use that extremely effective legwork smash.

With this digital workbook, you can easily locate the specific langkah drill you wish to practice, following both written and illustrated instructions. The Fighting Footwork of Kuntao and Silat Workbook is your key to mastering these valuable skills in a systematic, easy-to-understand way, as well as picking up the invaluable insights needed to gain the desired skill level.
Bob Orlando's Je du-too School of Martial Arts is a place where elements of Chinese kuntao, Dutch-Indonesian pukulan pentjak silat, Chinese kenpo, kung-fu, along with Filipino martial arts are combined into a highly effective fighting system. He is also the author of the best-selling books Indonesian Fighting Fundamentals and Martial Arts America, and is featured in the videos Reflex Action and Fighting Arts of Indonesia. For more information on his unique approach to the martial arts, consult his website.
1) Langkah 1
2) Langkah 2
3) Langkah 3
4) Langkah 4
5) Combination Langkah 5 and 6
6) Langkah 5
7) Langkah 6
8) Helpful Tools
9) Best Ways to Teach and Study These Drills

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