Even More Dangerously Fun Stuff

For Boys Who Never Really Grew Up


300 pages, 8.5" x 11"
Photos, illust.

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The original Paladin Book of Dangerously Fun Stuff hit a nerve with thrill seekers and information junkies everywhere. Now, we've dug even deeper into the Paladin archives and commissioned more new articles for a second volume of action arcana, handy how-to, taboo topics, comical capers, and just plain weird stuff that we're sure will delight all you guys who've never really grown up.

What's on the menu this time? This action-packed sequel will teach you how to:
  • survive an armed roadblock without getting shot
  • live high on the hog without a job
  • buy and sell precious metals without getting screwed
  • keep a military coup covert . . . or improvise when it gets discovered
  • defuse a barroom brawl (four strategies!)
  • outwit your interrogator on the witness stand
  • remember where you stashed your valuables in that place no one would ever think to look but now even you forgot
  • identify five deadly firearm training traps
All this and much more on gangs, guns, drugs, bears, propaganda! Driving drunk, picking locks, hitchhiking intelligently, snatching prisoners! Crooked cards, mantraps, gunpowder, tractors! (Tractors?)
The dozens of authors represented here are not only the top researchers, practitioners, and writers in their fields, they are also largely the cognoscenti to whom the "authorities" and "experts" go for advice. And they deal with topics you will find covered nowhere else. Some of your favorite Paladin authors included in this book are:
  • Max Edison
  • Marc "Animal" MacYoung
  • James Ballou
  • George Hayduke
  • Ragnar Benson
  • Jeff Cooper
  • Paul Kirchner
  • and more.
So read on, and as we said before: Live dangerously. Live free. And have fun.
1) True Tales of American Violence
2) Assembling the Drug Smuggling Gang
3) What to Do If You Encounter an Armed Roadblock
4) The Pit Trap
5) The Queen
6) Dumpster Diving Hollywood
7) 4 Strategies to Avoid a Fight
8) A Homeowner's Guide to Dealing with Problem Bears
9) The Big .50
10) No House, No Car Payment, No Hassles-Living Well Without a Job
11) Cannibalism as a Survival Option
12) Keeping Your Military Coup Covert
13) 5 Deadly Firearm Training Traps
14) The Case For Drinking on an Empty Stomach
15) Gunpowder Flashback
16) The Defense of Duffer's Drift
17) Evading Tracker Dogs
18) The Evolution of Survivalism
19) The Last Gladiators of Asia: Traditional Burmese Boxing
20) The Three R's of Street Gang Culture
21) Spreading the Word about Freedom
22) Desert Rigs and other Off-Road Vehicle Advice
23) Knives, Knife Fighting, and Related Hassles
24) Understanding Blade and Shank Use
25) A Fire-Starting Trick
26) Tactical Tourism-Violent and Vicarious Vacations, Part 1
27) How to Buy and Sell Precious Metals without Getting Screwed
28) Makeshift Welding Machine
29) How to Create (or spot) a Marked Deck of Cards
30) Don't Get a DUI
31) Training Snafu in Paradise
32) 8 Problems You'll Have to Deal with Living on the Streets
33) The Myth of "Safe" Cover From Gunfire
34) Internet Security for Paranoids
35) How to Pick a Lock with a Safety Pin and Screwdriver
36) Bushfear: Hunting the Dangerous Games of Africa
37) What to Expect when Your Government Comes After You
38) Your First Job in Private Security
39) Public Transportation: theory and Practice
40) Knife Throwing in Combat: Fantasy vs. reality
41) How to Remember Where you Hide Something
42) 7 Events That Can Escalate Into Riots
43) The Art and Science of Hitchhiking
44) A Citizen's Guide to Avoiding a Terrorist Ambush
45) The 6 Rules of Revenge
46) The Characteristics of an Effective Gunfighter
47) The Seychelles Affair
48) Boxers vs. Wrestlers
49) The Joy of Tractors
50) Tactical Tourism - Violent and Vicarious Vacation, Part 2 : Domestic Abuse
51) Prisoner Snatch on the Ho Chi Minh Trail
52) Why the Snubby?
53) Surviving a Cross – Examination
54) The Hazards of Working in a War Zone
55) Unloading Your Stuff Before Skipping Town
56) 6 Ways to Find a Spy
57) How to Make Money off a Dead Body
58) The Staff as a Weapon of Self – Defense
59) The Dreaded Job Interview
60) An Instant Submission Trick from the King of the Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestlers
61) A Judge's Perspective on the Second Amendment
62) Skills of the Perfect Guerrilla Gunfighter