Defensive Shooting for Real-Life Encounters - PDF eBook

A Critical Look at Current Training Methods

by Ralph Mroz


152 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"
photos, illust.

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In this insightful analysis of the state of shooting and fighting instruction, noted martial artist and firearms expert Ralph Mroz examines the myths and misinformation that plague the shooting community. From the five deadly training traps to unrealistic training exercises to concealed-carry mistakes, Mroz (Extreme Close-Quarters Shooting video) offers solutions to help defensive shooters snap out of their routines and become better and safer with their firearms. Mroz, whose articles have appeared in Combat Handguns and Guns magazines, takes a no-nonsense approach to such topics as the need for empty-hands skills, range training vs. real-world training, the problem of range standards, understanding and developing startle recovery, and the pros and cons of competitive shooting.
Ralph Mroz is a police officer in western Massachusetts, currently assigned to his county's narcotics/gang task force. He has been a student of the martial arts since 1973 and is a well-known defensive tactics and firearms writer, with more than 250 articles published in professional law enforcement and use-of-force journals.
1) Training as if Reality Were Real
2) The Range Effect
3) Five Deadly Training Traps
4) KIASAP- Keep It as Simple as Possible
5) The Limits of Practical Match Training
6) The Problem of Range Standards
7) Startle Recovery, Point Shooting, and Why They're So Damn Important
8) Thou Shalt Not Laser
9) Extreme Close-Quarter Shooting
10) Don't Forget the Little Things
11) Myths of Concealed Carry
12) Thoughts on Ready Positions
13) Street Safety

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