Congo Mercenary

by Mike Hoare

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342 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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In July 1964, after four years of uneasy independence, the Democratic Republic of the Congo was engulfed by an armed rebellion that spread throughout the country like a bush fire. The rebel soldiers struck terror into the hearts of civilians and National Army soldiers alike. Faced with this situation, the Congolese government hired legendary mercenary leader Mike Hoare to quell the uprising and bring order to the country.

In Congo Mercenary, Mike Hoare tells the true story of his resolute band of mercenaries during the Congo war. In fascinating detail, Hoare describes how the mercenaries were recruited and trained, and then recounts their adventures through four combat campaigns over an 18-month period during which they liberated Stanleyville, fought rebels in the hinterland, freed hundreds of European hostages and restored law and order to the Congo.

Originally published in 1967, and now including a new foreword by Mike Hoare, Congo Mercenary is a well-written and historically important account of one of the most brutal rebellions in Africa, as well as an accurate and gritty depiction of the mercenary life.
1) A Call to Arms
2) The First Steps
3) Operation Watch-Chain
4) Their Mercenary-Calling
5) Stemming the Tide
6) Vers Kindu
7) The Stanleyville Column
8) Stanleyville
9) The Inner Station
10) A Nun's Kiss
11) The Face of Sadness
12) Bunia
13) Operation White Giant
14) Watsa
15) Triumph and Tragedy
16) Violettes Imperiales
17) Albertville Again
18) Operation Banzi
19) The Last Battle
20) A Farewell to Arms
21) Note on the Political History of the Congo
22) A Lecture on Man Management and Leadership
23) 5 Commando Rules for Battle

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