Commando Gunsmithing

by R.K. Campbell


8.5" x 11", 184 pages

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Firearms are machines, and like all machines they sometimes break. Regardless of its quality, there will be wear when the firearm is subjected to hard use. Serious shooters must learn to maintain, repair, and in some cases modify their firearms to keep them operational.

Most shooters are fair part-replacers, but custom gunsmithing is another matter. We have to know our limitations, but there are times when all of us have do the repairs ourselves. Think of commando gunsmithing as isolating the problem with a firearm and curing it or, at least, applying a temporary expedient. We gun owners should be able to handle what we can and save the professional gunsmith for more complicated work. Commando Gunsmithing will teach you what to look for, as well as what to do and under what circumstances. It includes simple instructions for the most common handgun, rifle, and shotgun malfunctions, including ammo-related problems, springs, magazines, grips, sights, and bolts. It also includes a primer on proper cleaning and regular maintenance procedures, a list of spare parts and tools to keep in your ready bag, and resources to find the most reliable and affordable parts.

Finding the problem and fixing it usually is neither art nor science, but rather hard work. With proper tools, education, and attitude, the commando gunsmith will always be well armed with a firearm he can count on.
R.K. Campbell is a writer in the firearms and police field with more than 500 articles, columns and reviews published in more than 20 magazines and numerous annuals. He serves as contributing editor at Women and Guns magazine, contributing writer at Gun Week, and contributing staff writer at SWAT magazine. His work frequently appears in Police magazine and he is executive editor of Boar Hunter magazine.
1) Idiosyncrasies of the Handgun
2) Common Malfunctions of the Self-Loading Handgun
3) Action Types
4) Cleaning the Handgun
5) Ammunition-Related Problems
6) Focus on the Revolver
7) Magazine Feed Devices
8) Pistol Springs
9) The Glock
10) The Beretta
11) The 1911
12) 1911 Magazines
13) Spare Parts
14) The "Black Rifle"
15) Maintenance and the Shotgun
16) Simple Tools and Where to Find Them
17) Working on the Ruger 10/22 Rifle
18) A Look at Handgun Grips
19) The M1A1 Rifle
20) Rifle Accuracy
21) Wood and Stock Work
22) Tightening the .30 Carbine
23) Rifle Iron Sights
24) The Mauser Bolt
25) Laser Sights
26) Barrel Obstructions
27) Recommended Resources for Parts and Supplies