Combative Kyusho Set

with Dana Easterling

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The market is filled with self-defense DVDs, but most are designed for people who are in good physical shape, well trained in specific fighting techniques, and able to implement new strategies and tactics into their existing curriculum. Paladin Press is pleased to offer Dana Easterling's Combative Kyusho series, the first one-size-fits-all self-defense system that truly works for anyone, regardless of gender, size, or age.

In volume one of Combative Kyusho, Dana Easterling incorporates what he learned from Okinawan kyusho-jitsu, military close combat, and traditional Chinese medicine into a training program that allows you to target the right pressure points on the most vulnerable areas of the human body during a knife fight.

Just as he did for knife techniques in volume one, in Combative Kyusho II Easterling shows how you to use only your body's natural weapons to target the right pressure points on an attacker's body to survive a real-life attack. He demonstrates that not having a weapon in your hands doesn't mean you are unarmed if you have the right fighting techniques.

See the descriptions of the individual volumes for more details.