Close Combat

a U.S. Marine Corps Manual


116 pages, 8.5" x 11"

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This exclusive new manual contains the most current close combat methods being taught to U.S. Marines for use on today's battlefield. Developed with input from one of the most highly qualified committees of close-combat specialists ever assembled, it outlines the Marine Corps' latest lethal and nonlethal weapons techniques, use of knives and sticks and the full spectrum of unarmed tactics: strikes, throws, chokes, holds and ground fighting. Because a Marine engaged in combat cannot get bogged down with useless techniques, the fighting methods shown here are designed to be fast and aggressive for maximum effect. For academic study only.
1) Fundamentals of Close Combat
- Ranges of Close Combat
- Weapons of the Body
- Target Areas of the Body
- Basic Warrior Stance
- Angles of Approach and Movement
- Balance and Off-Balancing
- Falls
2) Lethal and Nonlethal Weapons Techniques
- Bayonet Techniques
- Nonlethal Rifle and Shotgun Retention Techniques
- Nonlethal Handgun Retention Techniques
- Firearm Disarmament Techniques
3) Hand-Held Weapons
- Fundamentals of Knife Fighting
- Knife Fighting Techniques
- Weapons of Opportunity
- Fundamentals of Combative Stick
- Combative Stick Techniques
- Blocking Techniques
- Unarmed Against Hand-Held Weapons
- Counters to Hand-Held Weapon Attacks
4) Strikes
- Principles of Punches
- Punches
- Strikes with the Upper Body
- Strikes with the Lower Body
- Counters to Strikes
5) Throws
- Turning Throw
- Hip Throw
- Leg Sweep
6) Chokes and Holds
- Types of Chokes
- Chokes
- Counters to Chokes and Holds
7) Ground Fighting
-Offensive Ground Fighting
- Defensive Ground Fighting
- Ground Fighting Chokes
8) Nonlethal Techniques
- Unarmed Restraints and Manipulation
- Nonlethal Baton
9) Pugil Stick Training
10) Safety Precautions During Training