Close-Quarter Combat - PDF eBook

A Soldier's Guide To Hand-To-Hand Fighting

by Professor Leonard Holifield


116 pages

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This shocking manual takes you through the army's close-quarter combat system as taught by its master instructor. Find out how to break a man's arm after disarming him, do a bad guy with a bayonet or entrenching tool and many more battlefield techniques .For academic study only.
Leonard Holifield is a frequent lecturer on executive protection, unarmed self-defense and one-man solo security/protection operations. During his 10-year military career, he served as chief combatives instructor to the U.S. Army. He has trained Special Forces, Infantry, Airborne, Air-Recon, Military Police, Psychological Operations and Special Reaction Teams, to name a few. His work in the field of military combatives has been recognized throughout the armed forces and has been featured in such publications as Soldiers, ARMY, KORUS and Military Police magazines; Stars & Stripes; and Armed Forces Korea Network news.

Holifield's martial arts career spans four decades. He is the president and founder of the International Sikaron Karate Federation and Supreme Grandmaster of the Sikaron Karate system, an integrated martial art system that incorporates judo, jujitsu, aikido, hapkido, combat karate, shotokan karate, ninjitsu, hwrangdo advanced knife fighting, boxing, grappling, and tameshiwari.
1) The Military and the Martial Arts
2) The Natural Weapons of the Body
3) Vital Points of the Body
4) Physical Training
5) Stances: The Foundation of Balance
6) Blocking Drills
7) Kicking Drills
8) Striking Drills
9) Combat Psychology and Mental Conditioning
10) Strategy
11) Defense Against Punches
12) Offensive Knife-Fighting Tactics
13) Defense Against Knife Attacks
14) Choking Techniques
15) Breakfalls
16) Throwing Techniques
17) Defense Against Holds
18) Defense Against Handguns
19) Ground-Fighting Techniques
20) Rifle/Bayonet Tactics
21) Expedient Weapons
22) Final Word About Safety and Training

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