Part 1: Fast Fight-Ending Techniques
Part 2: The Street Applications of Wansu Kata

with Sensei Mike Reeves and Robert G. Yetman Jr.

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Sensei Mike Reeves and Robert G. Yetman Jr. have never stopped improving their martial arts techniques and sharing their knowledge with the world. Reeves is a ten-time International Sport Karate Association Champion, three-time world record holder, and 7th Dan Isshinryu, and is well known for powerful techniques that allowed him to break over 400 boards in less than 60 seconds. Yetman is an International Sports Sciences Association–certified specialist in Martial Arts Conditioning. In their latest video, BlitzFighting, these martial artists present a two-part curriculum designed to improve your training arsenal and increase your confidence in your ability to prevail in a street attack.

Part 1, Fast Fight-Ending Techniques, focuses on the importance of speed in self-defense. Using simple gear training, from dumbbells to weighted gloves and shoe weights, the authors teach how to improve speed on the most-used strikes and kicks, and then how to apply them in a variety of street assault scenarios. Their system is based on high-speed execution of easy-to-learn gross motor techniques because fights are often won, or lost, based on the speed of the participants. With this video, you can ensure that your strikes and kicks are first to land, thus ending a fight before you get hurt.

In Part 2, The Street Applications of Wansu Kata, Reeves and Yetman detail the practical applications of classical karate techniques. By breaking down the bunkai of wansu kata, showing the strength of each move, and then adapting it for self-defense, Reeves and Yetman demonstrate how a kata becomes street effective. From punches, hammer fists, open hand, knife chops, elbow and knee strikes to middle blocks, double blocks, and grabbing techniques, this segment emphasizes how to build creativity and flexibility into your training.
Sensei Mike Reeves is a nine-time International Sport Karate Association World Karate Champion, as well as a four-time Guinness-certified world record holder in breaking. He has worked as a professional bodyguard as well as a martial arts instructor to key members of both local and federal law enforcement agency SWAT teams and other special operations units.

Professional freelance writer Robert G. Yetman Jr. is co-owner and vice president of Lone Wolf Personal Defense Systems, Inc.

Part 1: Fast Fight-Ending Techniques

1) Strikes and Kicks
- Straight Punch
- Back-Knuckle Strike
- Knife-Hand Strike
- Hammer Fist
- Elbow Strike
- Front Kick
- Side Kick
- Round Kick
2) Training for Speed
- Straight Punch Training
- Back-Knuckle Strike Training
- Knife-Hand Strike Training
- Hammer Fist Training
- Elbow Strike Training
- Front Kick Training
- Side Kick Training
- Round Kick Training
3) Training Scenarios
- High Knife Slice
- Low Knife Slice
- High Roundhouse Punch
- Downward Knife Thrust
- Forward Knife Thrust
- Double Punch
- High Straight Punch
- Low Straight Punch
- Punch to the Head
- Punch to the Body
Part 2: The Street Applications of Wansu Kata
1) Kata
- Wansu Kata
- Bunkai
2) Street Applications
- Bunkai – 1st Move
- Bunkai – 2nd Move
- Bunkai – 3rd Move
(3rd and 4th moves are identical)
- Bunkai – 5th Move
- Bunkai – 6th Move
- Bunkai – 7th Move
(7th and 8th moves are identical)
- Bunkai – 9th Move
- Bunkai – 10th Move
- Bunkai – 11th Move
- Bunkai – 12th Move
- Bunkai – 13th Move
- Bunkai – 14th Move
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