Beyond "Expert"

Tripling Military Shooting Skills

by John M. Buol Jr.


5.5" x 8.5", 154 pages
photos, illust.

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The Department of Defense spends millions on ammunition and facilities, but motivated teenagers on top junior shooting teams can often outshoot military-trained snipers and special-operations personnel. This doesn't mean soldiers can't shoot, only that many levels of skill beyond qualification are possible. Military marksmanship traces its roots back to competition-shooting programs. The ratings on skill badges retain the same names as classifications; however, the skills have diverged greatly. As warfighting has become ever more complex, some base skills, like marksmanship, have declined.

In this book, three-time All-Army Champion, distinguished marksman with both rifle and pistol, and small-arms instructor Sergeant First Class John M. Buol Jr. proves that with thoughtful practice even a shooter—military or civilian—qualifying as "expert" can develop a threefold increase in shooting skill. The training is simple, requiring a minimum outlay of equipment, expense, and time, but the results are staggering. Not hyperbole or a careless boast, these methods will teach you how to precisely measure marksmanship ability and develop a 300- percent jump in skill.

Beyond "Expert": Tripling Military Shooting Skills will help maximize your skills in any marksmanship endeavor and allow you to triple your weapon skills beyond "expert" qualification.
As a 20-year Army veteran who has spent most of his career in small-arms training and marksmanship competition, John Buol was in a unique position to observe that high-level shooters could perform three times better than the Army's "expert" shooters on the same course.

John Buol served as course writer and machine gun subject matter expert of the U.S. Army Reserve Small Arms Instructor Academy. When he wasn't teaching or writing, he was competing in and winning Army matches in both combat and precision-style competition. Buol has put his vast marksmanship knowledge to good use by training literally thousands of mobilized Army Reservists to use their weapons with deadly effect. His qualifications as a U.S. Army Distinguished shooter with both rifle and pistol, coupled with his active military experience, make him uniquely qualified to write "Beyond" Expert.
1) A History of Marksmanship in the Military
2) What Is an Expert?
3) The Making of the 300
4) Notes on Rifle Qualification
5) Rifle Drills for Gaining a Threefold Improvement
6) Squad Designated Marksman
7) Short-Range Marksmanship
8) Short-Range Marksmanship Drills
9) Pistol Marksmanship
10) Pistol Marksmanship Drills
11) Handgun Handling
12) A Plan for Improvement
13) Working with Your Unit or Large Groups