How to Win the Credit Game
Revised and Updated

by Dana A. Neal


442 pages, 5.5" x 8.5"

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Dana Neal knows firsthand the consequences of bad credit – how a financial setback can leave you unable to buy a house or car, rent an apartment, get insurance or even land a job. But the former collection agency insider also knows that flawless credit is within anyone's reach. In easy-to-understand terms, he presents a straightforward, no-nonsense plan for
  • removing negative credit (including bankruptcies, charge-offs and tax liens) from your files
  • establishing years of good credit where none existed
  • dealing with credit bureaus and collection agencies
  • stopping bill collectors from harassing you
  • repairing adverse student loan history
  • preventing or recovering from ID theft

BestCredit shows you how to win the credit game by getting others to play by your rules!
Dana A. Neal learned all the tricks of the trade while collecting for the Greater Lakes Higher Education Corporation as a student at Ohio State University. He graduated in 1991 with a degree in aviation, served in the Gulf War and was injured in the line of duty. Medically retired from the armed forces, he became a consumer advocate, founding BestCredit in 1999. He now spends his time teaching others what his experience as both a collector and a debtor taught him about debt collection and credit reporting
1) Credit Reporting- The System and the Players
2) You- The Player
3) Credit Scoring and Loan Approval
4) Ground Rules for Bureaus and Furnishers
5) The Game Begins
6) Legal Exposure- Where Do You Stand?
7) Stop Bill Collectors- Deal on Your Terms
8) Game Planning
9) Restore Accurate Bad Credit
10) Unique Cases for Removing Bad Credit That Is Accurate
11) Remove and Avoid Inaccurate Information
12) Bankruptcy- A Misunderstood Option
13) Written Settlement Agreements
14) Court- A Viable Option
15) Sample Pro Se Lawsuits
16) Collection Statute of Limitations by State
17) Leonard A. Bennett's Testimony Before Congress
18) Sample Letters