Below the Belt Volume 2

A Complete Arsenal of Knee Strikes for MMA and the Street

with Mark Hatmaker

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145 minutes

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Knee strikes are an essential part of every talented fighter's repertoire, and in this explosive video production from Paladin Press, best-selling author Mark Hatmaker reveals the techniques and training needed to master an array of devastating knee strikes and combinations. Starting with the basics of guard and stance, Hatmaker takes you through proper head-hooking and clinching techniques that will open up your opponent to powerful knee combinations designed to immobilize him and end the fight. Learn how to use your opponent's balance against him, take him to the ground, and finish him off with knees to the head and body. Covering the specifics of straight knees, upward knees, and round knees, he provides a complete knee arsenal, including how to deliver powerful knee shots on the ground. When fighting at extreme close range, your knee strikes have to be fast, hard, and accurate: this video will teach you how to maximize your combat potential at distances where inches can mean the difference between victory and defeat. For information purposes only.
Mark Hatmaker is a lifelong student of the martial arts with more than 24 years of experience in Western boxing, wrestling, and no-holds-barred fighting. Known as "The Professor of Grappling," he is widely recognized for his pragmatic, results-oriented approach to combat training. Hatmaker conducts regular seminars across the country and can be visited at his website:
1) Outside Knee Range Guard Position
2) Outside Knee Range Arsenal
3) Outside Knee Defenses
4) Knee Combinations
5) Head Hooking
6) Clinching
7) Skipping Knees
8) Clinch Drills
9) Kick and Knee Combinations
10) The Ax Murderer Series
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