Arming for the Apocalypse

Assembling Your Survival Arsenal... While You Still Can

by James Ballou


140 pages, 8.5" x 11"
photos, illust.

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Global economic meltdown. Widespread natural disaster. Disease pandemic. It doesn't matter the cause. In the coming Dark Age, the delicate supply infrastructures of modern society will collapse, and you will no longer have access to groceries, gasoline . . . or guns.

The time to assemble your arsenal is now, says author Jim Ballou, and here he guides you through the many crucial factors you must consider when selecting firearms for a postapocalyptic future. Some of the topics he covers include:

  • What are the five basic questions you must ask yourself when selecting any handgun, rifle, or shotgun for the apocalypse?
  • How can you squeeze surprisingly useful, life-saving service from older or low-value firearms?
  • What vital support gear must you have when you are forced to become your own gun shop?
  • Which types of ammunition will not only serve your survival needs, but also be available in quantity when ordinary sources run dry?
  • What roles can multicaliber guns, backup guns, and alternative weapons to conventional firearms play in your survival plans?
  • What practical modifications can you make to your guns to make them more suitable for postapocalypse survival?

Given how critical weapons will become in an age when you may have to hunt for meat or defend yourself against numerous postapocalypse threats, the more you must force yourself to consider all the pertinent factors now . . . while you still can. Because when the world starts to crumble, you won't have time to select firearms—that's when you lock and load!
As far back as James Ballou can remember, his interests have included survival activities – hunting, fishing, exploring, treasure hunting, backpacking, shooting, making and using tools, and just plain improvising. The author of dozens of magazine articles on various subjects, he also served four years in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division. This is his third book for Paladin Press.

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1) How to Begin Out Selection Process of the ultimate Weapons for the Apocalypse
2) Choosing the Apocalypse Handgun
3) Choosing the Apocalypse Rifle
4) Choosing the Apocalypse Shotgun
5) Multicaliber Guns for the Apocalypse
6) Ammunition for the Apocalypse
7) Weapon Support Gear for the Apocalypse
8) Practical Modifications for Apocalypse Weapons
9) Selecting Contingency or Back Up Firearms for the Apocalypse
10) Alternative Weapons to Consider for the Apocalypse
11) A few More Useful Arming Tips and Ideas