All Enemies Foreign & Domestic - PDF eBook

by Kit Cessna


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142 pages

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For the first time since World War II, the United States faces an enemy fully capable of defeating it. Contrary to popular belief, this war did not begin with the attacks of September 11, 2001, and it will not end in Iraq or Afghanistan or with an election here at home. This fight is going to be with us for a very long time. When you are in a fight for your life, you can either be the winner or the loser – there is no middle ground.

If we are going to be the winner, we will have to realize the true nature of this conflict and our enemy. You will not see landing crafts full of al-Qaeda operatives coming ashore on U.S. beaches, nor battalions of radical fanatics parachuting onto your lawn. It is just not that kind of fight. If America loses this war, it will not be because what our enemy was able to do; it will be because of what we have done or failed to do.

Within these pages, Delta Force veteran, Kit Cessna, offers his unapologetic, no-punches-pulled assessment of what this war is really about and why we must defeat these radicals. He explains their history and motivations, and outlines their strengths and weaknesses (yes, they do have weaknesses). Most important, he discusses the role and duties all Americans must embrace in this fight for our survival‹cultural and physical. If you are an American concerned with the future of our nation, this is a must read.
Kit Cessna served in the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment – Delta (Delta Force), 2nd Ranger Battalion and the 1st Special Forces Group as an A-Team member. While in Delta Force, he saw combat action in the 1989 invasion of Panama. Currently, he is an instructor for the U.S. State Department Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program and is the lead instructor for the Southern Anti-Terrorist Training Academy in Louisiana. He has served as a reserve SWAT officer for two police departments.
1) The Conflict
2) The Modern Version
3) The Organization of Terror
4) The America Haters
5) The Role of the Military
6) The Role of Law Enforcement
7) The Role of the Citizen
8) What does the Future Hold?

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