A Better Fighter

Brutal, Fast, and Effective Karate Techniques for MMA

with Dan Schreiber

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No one is born knowing how to fight. For Dan Schreiber, the gates to the combatives world were opened by Kelly McCann, who introduced him to the late Bob Kasper. After years of training with Kasper, Steve Montgomery, Vince Morris, and many other excellent instructors, Schreiber realized that he became a better fighter thanks to these instructors, their teaching methods, and all the hard work he put into his training.

Schreiber decided to do this video, A Better Fighter: Brutal, Fast, and Effective Karate Techniques for MMA, because he wanted to give back to the community of warriors and instructors who had helped him to become a better fighter. In this video, Dan Schreiber brings together various concepts from karate, as well as alternatives from boxing, muay Thai, and wrestling, in a curriculum designed to turn a hard-working student into a better fighter. From body positioning, mindset (including an awareness of all the injuries that a fighter might suffer throughout his career), footwork, core body movement, strikes and kicks, to fighting strategies, body targets, full contact drills, and tactics and combos for advanced drills—this video will help you acquire a new set of techniques and strategies.

Schreiber's personal message to anyone interested in self-defense is that it is not necessary to add an excess of techniques and strategies to your arsenal. Rather, you should pick those that you can master effectively so you can execute them crisply and cleanly when you need to use them. Don't miss this opportunity to become a better fighter through the collective wisdom of some of the most revered combatives experts in the world.
Dan Schreiber has been doing contact martial arts for 25 years. His interest in martial arts came from his dad, who was a 2nd-degree black belt. Dan chose for his art Shotokan and Savate. Dan often traveled with his father, who is the CEO of Guardian Protective Devices. On one such trip, he met Kelly McCann. When Dan expressed an interest in finding a more realistic art, McCann introduced him to Bob Kasper, founder of the Gung-Ho Chuan Association. There were two main bodies of the GHCA, Kasper in the north and McCann in the south, and Dan trained with both. You could say Dan got the best of both worlds . . . but he still got the shit kicked out him no matter with whom he trained! Dan considers his association with both men an honor. He appeared in Kasper's Sting of the Scorpion book, and he edited Kasper's The Lost Tapes video. Dan also appeared in McCann's Brass Tacks video.
- Long Linear Stance
- Thai Boxing Stance
- Boxing Stance
- Wrestling Stance
- Building a House
2) Footwork: Karate vs. Conventional
3) Striking Techniques
- Developing Power from Range
- Jab Drills
- Step-'n-Punch
- Knife-Hand Drill
- Back-Fist
- Spinning Back-Fist
- Elbows
- Spinning Elbows
- Step-Over Elbows
- Splitting Elbows
- Snap Kicks
- Snap vs. Thrust Kicks
- Stomp Kick Drill
- Snap Kick Drill
- Thrust Kick Drill
- Round House Kicks
- Round House Snapping Kick
- Round House Ball-of-Foot Kick
- Round House Front Leg Kick
- Side-Snap Kick
- Crescent Kick
- Spinning Back Kick
- Stomp Kick
- Knee Strikes
- Sweeps
4) Defense Techniques
- Defending Punches
- Defending Kicks
5) Pouncing Techniques
- Linear Blitz
- Sweeps to Strikes
- Setups and Fakes
- Jab to Front Kick
- Left Hook to Round House
- Lead Snap Kick to Right Cross
- Raised Cross to Round House
6) Ranges and Targets
7) Drills and Tactics
- Kinetic Energy
- Over-Hand Punch
8) What It Takes to be a Fighter
- Fight Visualization
- The Will to Win
- The Emotional Toll
- The Physical Damage
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