Kelly McCann's Inside the Crucible Volume 1: Combat Shooting Essentials

An Exclusive Look at Kelly McCann's Individual Protective Measures Course

with Kelly McCann, aka Jim Grover

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Kelly McCann is the best known and most respected personal security expert in the United States today. This video series takes you inside his first major civilian training program — the Individual Protective Measures Course — and gives you the proven, no-nonsense information you need to stay safe. Based on the same skill set that McCann has used to train thousands of elite military, law enforcement and corporate security personnel all over the world, this five-day course presented complete instruction in all aspects of armed and unarmed personal combat.

In Volume 1, McCann provides step-by-step instruction in the fundamental skills of his streamlined combat shooting system, including basic gunhandling, proper grip, the close-quarters "Guard Draw," the combat drawstroke, flinch shooting, point shooting, sighted fire, combat reloading, malfunction clearances, integration of empty-hand striking with the draw and a variety of dry-fire training drills. He then leads the students through his standard "Index Shoot" – a series of drills that are intended to measure a student's true level of shooting skill and serve as a combat reality check before engaging in further training. For information purposes only.
Kelly McCann is one of America's foremost experts on personal and corporate security, armed and unarmed combat, and antiterrorist tactics. As the CEO of Crucible Security Specialists, he and his staff have provided security training for audiences ranging from elite U.S. counterterrorist units to Fortune 500 executives. He is also known to the public as "Jim Grover," former personal security editor for Guns and Ammo magazine and noted author of numerous instructional videos on armed and unarmed close combat and the best-selling book Street Smarts, Firearms, and Personal Security.
1) Introduction to Combative Shooting
2) One-Handed Drawstrokes
- The Guard Draw
- Combining Striking and Shooting
- Flinch Shooting
- Point Shooting
3) Two-Handed Drawstrokes
- Basics and Fundamentals
4) Combat Reloading
- Civilian Combat Reloads
- Law Enforcement Combat Reloads
5) Malfunction Clearances
- Basics and Fundamentals
- The Goal of Crucible Training
6) The Index Shoot
- At Three Yards: One-Handed Draw and Shoot
- At Five Yards: One-Handed Draw, Step Forward, and Shoot
- At Seven Yards: Step Laterally, Draw and Shoot Two-Handed
- At Ten Yards: Turn, Draw, and Shoot Two-Handed
- At Fifteen Yards: Draw and Shoot Two-Handed Twice
- At Twenty-Five Yards: Draw and Shoot Two-Handed
- The Results
- Some Final Thoughts on the Index Shoot
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