Fierce and Female

Practical Rape Defense Tactics For Every Woman

with Melissa Soalt, aka Dr. Ruthless®

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140 minutes

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Even the fear of sexual assault can be enough to paralyze the strongest of women. In a society where rapes occur with alarming frequency, it is vital to know not only how to avoid a sexual attack, but also what a woman can and must do when everything else has failed, leaving you face-to-face with a predator who has only one thing on his mind: the violation of your mind, body and spirit.

This original Paladin production demonstrates 7 proven-effective prevention strategies every woman must know, then picks up where other tapes leave off—when you're already in a compromised position and a decisive and explosive counterattack is necessary.

Part 1 provides essential, uncomplicated techniques for stand-up attacks, showing you what to do—and not to do—in potentially life-threatening scenarios.

Part 2 delves into defense from lying down, rape-specific pins and assaults, providing comprehensive instruction for worst-case scenarios. With their realistic scenarios, full-force demonstrations on padded attackers and easy-to-follow instruction with at-home practice exercises, these gritty, no-holds-barred videos should be required viewing for all women interested in being safe, confident and secure. For information purposes only.
Melissa Soalt is a veteran women's self-defense trainer specializing in practical and full-force, scenario-based methods. A former psychotherapist who has successfully staved off physical attacks, she has been featured on NBC Nightly News and in Self, Woman's Day, The Wall Street Journal and Newsweek Japan. She has published numerous articles and is working on a book. Also known as "Dr. Ruthless," she is a Black Belt Hall of Fame Recipient and Woman of the Year, and was recently named Winner of Black Belt's Industry Award for Best Women's Self Defense of 2008.

Click here for more information and to download a podcast interview with Melissa Soalt.
1) Natural Weapons and Targets
2) The Dr. Ruthless Quick and Dirty Review of Bread-and-Butter Techniques
3) Defenses Against Being Pinned
4) Defenses Against Attacks from Behind
5) Falling and Prone Defenses
6) Defenses Against Rape Attempts
7) Throwing Techniques
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