Minefields to Microphones - PDF eBook

Global Assymetric Warfare, The Radical Left, and Winning the War on Terror

by Bob Newman


PDF eBook
262 pages

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From one of America's most respected and loathed political pundits comes the book long dreaded by liberal hate merchants.

Retired U.S. Marine Bob Newman – heard around the world as the take-no-prisoners host of the ultra-popular Gunny Bob Show and seen on such FOX News Channel programs as The O'Reilly Factor, The Big Story, Your World, The FOX Report, and FOX News Live – exposes the treason and treachery of America's maniacal liberal machine while laying out a roadmap to victory in the war on terror that will stun the enemy and infuriate America's wild-eyed left.

Come hunt the orcs of Baghdad with a Marine sniper team. Tag along as a career Marine "grunt" disembowels a traitorous retired Marine Reserve colonel-turned-politician. Grin (or grimace) as Sen. "Hanoi" John Kerry is exposed for repeatedly aiding and abetting the enemy. Imagine anti-freedom protestor Cindy Sheehan howling with anger. And, most importantly, learn from America's top media-based military science and terrorism analyst precisely how the United States can win the war on terror.

When MSNBC needed cutting-edge analysis on the United Kingdom airliner chemical-bomb plot, they turned to Bob Newman. When Newsweek required the inside scoop on guerrilla warfare, they called on Bob Newman. When a Congressional caucus wanted to see a plan on winning the war on terror, immigration reform, and border security, Bob Newman got the call. When FOX had to have the facts on special operations against al Qaeda, they asked Bob Newman.

Minefields to Microphones - Conservatives, bring your guns. Liberals bring your lawyers. Terrorist, bring your body bags.

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