Crucible High-Risk Environment Training II Volume 3: Combative Conditioning 2

with John Garman

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40 minutes

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In the best-selling video Combative Conditioning: Mental and Physical Conditioning for Violent Encounters ,the Crucible's John Garman taught principles and techniques that would help you develop the kind of power, endurance and speed necessary to end a fight as quickly as possible. This video builds on that foundation, showing you a new series of combat-centric exercises and conditioning routines. This isn't about plugging in your headphones and tuning out as you bounce on an elliptical: Garman teaches you how to maximize your physical intensity and mental focus so that if you have to go from zero to 100 in a violent situation, you'll be ready and able. Combining muscle-building kettlebell exercises and hard-core calisthenics into power and endurance workouts, he always keeps the spotlight on how your conditioning relates to the street-proven Combatives system, from the devastating axe hand strike to the chin-rip takedown. If you want to fight like the men at the Crucible, putting every ounce of strength into every strike, you have to work out like them, too. For information purposes only.
John Garman has been with what is now Crucible since 1994. He began as a Combatives instructor and is now the Director of Operations. John has deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Uganda, Burundi, and Bosnia, and participated in the earthquake relief effort in Haiti. In addition to his global security assignments, John is an advanced whitewater kayak instructor and a whitewater canoe instructor trainer. John has competed in multiday adventure races and conducted winter ascents on the tallest peaks in the United States.
1) Exercises
- Single Leg Hop
- Lunge with Press
- Alternating Knees to Elbows
- Chop
- Chop Lift
- One Arm Cauldron
- One Arm Deadlift High Pull
- One-Legged Deadlift
2) Power Workout
3) Endurance Workout
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