Women's Street Combat

Predator Defense and Rape Prevention

with Kimber Johnson

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Starting with the author's wrenching account of being raped despite her years of martial arts training, Women's Street Combat from Paladin Press takes you far beyond the typical women's self-defense program to give you the real stuff: principles and tactics designed specifically to defeat a determined sexual predator.

Lifetime martial artist and assault survivor Kimber Johnson knows from brutal personal experience what will and won't work against a rapist, and teaches you a series of street-realistic techniques based on what real sexual predators do to make women victims, not ­fantasy-based martial arts with no basis in reality. This includes defenses against hair-pulling, choking and being pinned, three of the most common attacks women must deal with in a life-or-death struggle; how to go to the ground on your terms, not your attacker's, if you're suddenly shoved from any direction; scenario-based training designed to teach you how to deal with situations ranging from dealing with a drunk at a club to recognizing the precursors of a true assault; and more.

A rape attempt is one of the most horrific assaults a woman can experience; Women's Street Combat will teach you how to prevail if you are unlucky enough to be targeted by a predator. For information purposes only.
Kimber Johnson began her career in martial arts at the age of 4. She is a World Champion Forms/Fighting and AAU Champion with a 17 and 0 amateur boxing record, and holds a third-degree black belt in tae kwon do and a first-degree black belt in kung fu. A co-founder of the Women's Street Combat Rape Prevention program, she is also the mother of four children.

Click here for more information and to download a podcast interview with Kimber Johnson.
1) Roll-Back Drill
2) Groundfighting Drill
3) Front Choke Drills
4) Side Choke Drills
5) Rear Choke Drills
6) Hair Pulling Drills
7) Defenses While Prone
8) Improvised Weapons
9) Verbal Attacks
10) Dealing with Being Hit
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