What if you find yourself in a hairy situation because you didn’t pay attention to your surroundings? What if the first rule of avoidance is no longer an option, and de-escalation is not working for you? You might be able to escape but not before you take quick, decisive action.

Some of Paladin’s authors were asked if they ever tried to teach an inexperienced person a self-defense technique. What did they teach them and why? If there was one technique that had gotten them out of a jam, or they use as their go-to technique, what is it?

In FIGHT STOPPERS, Paladin Press presents a series of short video clips featuring instruction from some of the best instructors in the world. In these short, targeted vignettes, Paladin authors teach you lifesaving tips and techniques with proven real-world applications. Everything you see in this series is the culmination of decades of hard-won knowledge and dedicated training. Every response/defense is situationally dependent so these self-defense instructions aren’t the “be all, end all” in any situation, but they are the instructors’ favorite “get yourself out of a jam” moves. It is exactly what you need to know to stop a fight.

Matt Knorr - One Strike Stop

Branimir Tudjan - One Strike Stop

Dan Schreiber - One Strike Stop

Wim Demeere - One Strike Stop

Joseph Simonet - One Strike Stop

Mark Hatmaker - One Strike Stop

Bill Kipp - One Strike Stop

Lee Morrison - One Strike Stop